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New from My Learning Center: HVAC Marketing Fundamentals

HVAC Marketing Fundamentals 

Marketing your HVAC business is a complex endeavor. With so many options available now, it can be difficult to know the best way to market your company. You might find yourself swinging and missing at marketing opportunities as they come up. Or you may not even be sure where to start. Anyone trying to sell you a magic bullet or one size fits all strategy is selling a marketing strategy that simply doesn’t exist. 

Don’t let those challenges stop you from marketing your HVAC business. My Learning Center is proud to announce the new course: HVAC Marketing Fundamentals from CHANGE HVAC Marketing. This exciting new course is designed to teach you how to use your marketing dollars wisely by creating a simple marketing plan for your company. It provides you with an overview of marketing fundamentals, and a simple 7 step process for putting together an appropriate annual marketing plan for your business. 

When you complete this course, you’ll be able to:
► Define your goals and apply marketing strategy to them.
► Set a reasonable marketing budget.
► List the 7 steps of HVAC marketing.
► Identify and avoid the reactive marketing so common in HVAC.
► Create an annual marketing plan for your company.

The course also includes a worksheet you can use as a guide for building your marketing plan, and a 50% discount on the book, Marketing Schmarketing: How to Market Your HVAC Business by presenter Elaina Wellstead. 

If you’re interested in bringing in leads and keeping your company top of mind in your service area—all in about 30 minutes—then this course is a great option. 

Stay tuned: Additional courses will be added to this series soon!  

About the Presenter

Elaina Wellstead is the President of CHANGE HVAC Marketing, a full-service HVAC marketing firm. Elaina grew up around HVAC and recognized that residential contractors – with their limited time and marketing training – needed help promoting their companies. This led her to open a marketing company that is 100% focused on HVAC. For more than 25 years, she has worked with manufacturers, distributors and local contractors to effectively market their businesses and grow their bottom line by building their brand and avoiding common marketing missteps. CHANGE HVAC Marketing provides marketing solutions for one man start-ups as well as large, multi-vehicle dealerships. 

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