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Introducing the New Comfortmaker® OptiClean™ Portable Negative Air Machine

New Comfortmaker® OptiClean Portable Negative Air Machine
FN1AAF005000 – MINIMUM 500 CFM 
FN1AAF015000 – MAXIMUM 1500 CFM 

In this new era of face masks in public, mandatory temperature checks and quarantining, Comfortmaker continues to provide solutions to comfort and IAQ challenges. Comfortmaker is proud to announce the launch of the Comfortmaker® OptiClean portable negative air machine. 

What is the Comfortmaker OptiClean Portable Negative Air Machine?
The Comfortmaker OptiClean negative air machine is a portable, minimum 500 CFM or maximum 1500 CFM solution primarily designed to help convert normal hospital rooms into airborne infectious isolation rooms (AIIR). 

How does it work? 
► Designed to comply with ASHRAE’s Standard 170 for Ventilation of Health Care Facilities, the Comfortmaker OptiClean uses a 99.97% efficient, long life HEPA and a heavy duty, yet quiet, motor to remove filtered contaminated air from the room. The resulting negative air pressure, or “vacuum effect,” helps limit the spread of airborne contaminants into surrounding areas.

► In a closed room, the machine uses high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, an air management system to significantly reduce contaminants in the air, and flexible ducting to exhaust the filtered air. The machine creates negative pressure so that when the hospital room door is opened, air is pulled into the room from outside instead of letting potentially contaminated air out from the room. 

► If negative pressure is not required, such as an open-air, temporary hospital, the machine can be used as an air “scrubber,” pulling air in, removing many contaminants, and discharging cleaner air back into the space. 

Why is the Comfortmaker OptiClean important?

While hospitals generally have air filtration systems that reduce the spread of infectious diseases, those systems are often only available in certain sections of the hospital. As a result, hospitals have had to convert rooms that were not intended for patients with infectious diseases, and new field hospitals have been established that are not equipped with hospital-level air filtration. 

How was the Comfortmaker OptiClean developed?

► OptiClean development began in late March. After quickly and successfully testing prototypes in company facilities, field trials began in hospitals across the country. Units have already begun shipping for hospital use.

► Adaptable to nearly any appropriately-sized location, the machines are portable, plug into a normal wall outlet, and sit on wheels that enable hospitals to move them to rooms as needed.

► Potential future uses include homes, businesses, and assisted living facilities.

Product Highlights and Specifications

Pre-Installed Filters

Multi-Function Control Panel

Limited Warranty

The Comfortmaker OptiClean is covered by a one-year parts limited warranty. See limited warranty certificate for complete details and restrictions.

Contact your distributor for more information on the Comfortmaker® OptiClean™ Portable Negative Air Machine.

Currently designed for Commercial applications only.

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